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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paul Ryan: We Are Offering This Country A Better Economic Choice

“You know, what we have learned in this presidency, [President Obama] says one thing and he does another. He gave us four budgets, Norah, each of which had trillion dollar deficits, none of which ever, ever proposed to actually balance the budget. His allies in the Senate haven’t even given us a budget for three years. We’ve passed budgets. We’ve led. Mitt Romney and I have offered a specific plan to prevent a debt crisis, to save Medicare and Social Security, to create jobs, to get us growing again. It’s a five point plan for a stronger middle class which is aimed to get us out of this weak recovery we have and get us back to growing our economy like we ought to. We got a troubling jobs report on Friday, Norah, that said for everybody who got a job, nearly four people stopped looking for a job. This isn’t working and President Obama’s rhetoric to the side, it’s just not working. And that’s why we are offering the country a better choice.”

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