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Friday, June 22, 2018

more Trumpism lies and propaganda

Goldin argued that “tax returns provide essential information about candidates’ conflicts of interest.”

Tax returns, she continued, are vital information a voter needs to know about a candidate at the ballot box.

every state should do the same

While Pena Nieto, the incumbent president of Mexico, has infrequently pushed back against Trump, he has been very circumspect in his words and actions. He has tried to keep the ties between Mexico and America strong.

Nieto is limited to one term and his likely successor will be Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a left-leaning nationalist known by many as AMLO.

AMLO is more than 20 points ahead of his nearest competitor and has a very high probability of winning by a landslide. He has gone out of his way to say relations with the United States will change and has promised to confront Trump forcefully as president.

“Trump and his advisers speak of the Mexicans the way Hitler and the Nazis referred to the Jews, just before undertaking the infamous persecution and the abominable extermination,” he said recently about the Trump administration.