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Friday, December 7, 2007

Judith Nathan got security earlier

More details about the free taxi service she received from the NYPD. The NY Daily News reports:

Judith Nathan got taxpayer-funded chauffeur services from the NYPD earlier than previously disclosed - even before her affair with then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani was revealed, witnesses and sources tell the Daily News.

"It went on for months before the affair was public," said Lee Degenstein, 52, a retired Smith Barney vice president who formerly lived at 200 E. 94th St., Nathan's old building.

"It was going on longer than anybody thought," added Degenstein, who, along with others in the neighborhood, said they often saw Nathan hopping into unmarked NYPD cars in early 2000, before the affair was revealed that May.

When pressed by The News Thursday, aides to the Republican presidential hopeful conceded that Nathan got police protection "sporadically" before December 2000 - the previously acknowledged beginning of her taxpayer-funded detail.

Another reason to put Rudy behind us. The details are painful to read about. The man (and his wife) are shameful.

The $ taken from the taxpayers is actually less of a problem. Rudy, like Bill Clinton, is a serial adulterer. He did not maintain the trust of those closest to him--wife #2 and kids from that marriage.

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