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Monday, October 26, 2009

Doug Hoffman is now Leading NY-23!

Doug Hoffman is now #1 in the three way race in WAY upstate New York!!!

The poll of 300 likely voters, conducted October 24-25, 2009, shows Conservative Doug Hoffman at 31.3%, Democrat Bill Owens at 27.0%, Republican Dede Scozzafava at 19.7%, and 22% undecided. The poll's margin of error is +/- 5.66%. No information was provided about any of the candidates prior to the ballot question.


Send Doug your support and help him finish strong!

PS: I swear it is just a coincidence that my post to NY for Mitt yesterday about this race went out while this poll was being conducted. And I have no problem with anyone else who wants to jump on the bandwagon!


StevenInBrooklynNY said...
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Anonymous said...

Leave Mitt Alone. He doesn't need top get involved in this race.

He's helping McDonnell in Virginia and other big races for the GOP, including a recent endorsement of Toomey in PA, and has been the best fundraiser for the conservatives.

Not to mention Mitt has been the hawk on Iran policy, which in my opinion, is a heck of a lot more important than a little Upstate NY race.

There are plenty of others who have endorsed Hoffman. In the end, it is up to the voters of NY-23.

Anonymous said...

A [GOP] victory in Va. will show that "ideology plays second fiddle to real solutions."

StevenInBrooklynNY said...

I'm sorry, but NY-23 is rapidly becoming kind of a malstrom of protest against RINOs and DIABLOS (Democrats in all but label only per Mark Steyn). Since I support Mitt, I'd like to hear him say something positive about Doug Hoffman; for all I know he has, but I've been searching, and haven't found anything.

Anonymous said...

This race is a bigger story outside of New York than it is inside the district. People here are not interested in the RINO vs Conservative battle that talk radio is promoting daily on their shows. People around here are not as angry at the Washington "establishment." People care more about which candidate is more familiar with the local region. All these silly ads put up by outside groups are not helping. Nor does it help having more outside pols piling on their endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Newt is RIGHT:

re: NY-23 debate on Greta last night

GINGRICH: Well, I just find it fascinating that my many friends who claim to be against Washington having too much power, they claim to be in favor of the 10th Amendment giving states back their rights, they claim to favor local control and local authority, now they suddenly get local control and local authority in upstate New York, they don't like the outcome.

There were four Republican meetings. In all four meetings, State Representative Dede Scozzafava came in first. In all four meetings, Mr. Hoffman, the independent, came in either last or certainly not in the top three. He doesn't live in the district. Dede Scozzafava...

VAN SUSTEREN: He doesn't live in the district?

GINGRICH: No, he lives outside of the district. Dede Scozzafava is endorsed by the National Rifle Association for her 2nd Amendment position, has signed the no tax increase pledge, voted against the Democratic governor's big-spending budget, is against the cap-and-trade tax increase on energy, is against the Obama health plan, and will vote for John Boehner, rather than Nancy Pelosi, to be Speaker.

Now, that's adequately conservative in an upstate New York district. And on other issues, she's about where the former Republican, McHugh, was. So I say to my many conservative friends who suddenly decided that whether they're from Minnesota or Alaska or Texas, they know more than the upstate New York Republicans? I don't think so. And I don't think it's a good precedent. And I think if this third party candidate takes away just enough votes to elect the Democrat, then we will have strengthened Nancy Pelosi by the divisiveness. We will not have strengthened the conservative movement.

StevenInBrooklynNY said...

Sorry, this race never had a primary; and something is very wrong when the Republican candidate has the profile of not even a Blue Dog Democrat.

Congressional races are, in some sense "local," but this is not the race for a county executive or a state legislature seat. Everyone in the state, and country is affected by the election of another RINO/DIABLO.

The age of the RINO/DIABLO needs to ve over. Newt is over. McCain is over. Romney needs to endorse Hoffman; otherwise, it looks like he is siding with Newt, and the mentality that got us McCain.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago, this district voted for Obama.

McHugh, who held the seat previously, was a moderate Republican, quite similar to Dede.

The man who held the seat prior to McHugh, endorsed Dede. As have the majority of local Republican leaders. And the money that is coming in for Dede is from within the district vs the money and help coming in for Hoffman is outside the district.

Hoffman is not well known, clueless about local issues, lives outside the district, which was mistake #1 for Jim Tedisco and the GOP in the earlier special election in New York. Dede was a mayor of a local town, and represented many as an Assemblywoman.

This is a center-right district, not as conservative as it has been portrayed. Dede's husband is a union guy, which helps her - the GOP - dig into the Democrat vote. Part of the reason she was selected was for her cross-over appeal.

Maybe you don't agree with her on all the issues. But, it is up to the LOCAL GOP to determine who best fits the race, not outsiders.

She was the best choice, as proven in 4 different rounds of voting. Hoffman was not. The guy is a bit of a fruitcake.

So, perhaps Dede doesn't fit the "national conservative" profile, but she is well-liked and respected in her district.

Doug Hoffman also supported Dede before he decided to back out of his pledge and selfishly run as a 3rd party spoiler.

The tea party, Glenn Beck, 9/12 groups that are involved are not only happy about a Democrat winning thanks to a split vote between a Republican moderate and conservative, they simply seem to care less about what the voting people in NY-23 think.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing like a cross over appeal.Liberal leaning will always vote for democrats.Didn't we see that in 2008 with McCain the so called crossover appeal?

Carnivorous Pacifist said...


The country is not with you