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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A $hattering $uccess

Jacksonville Observer:

Jacksonville was the place to be for Florida Republicans Monday night. The Duval County Republican Party announced today that the November 9th event, “An Evening with Governor Mitt Romney Honoring Tom Petway”, was an unparalleled success, topping all previous such events in Northeast Florida.

“The local Republican Party is on fire! Everyone is energized and prepared to turn out the vote in 2010. Thanks to the generosity of our donors – many of whom have never given to the local Party before – and of course our mighty grassroots, we exceeded our goal and raised more $250,000 even in these tough economic times.

State Committeewoman Cindy Graves, who chaired the event, reported record ticket sales. “Republican grassroots leaders from five counties turned out a sell-out crowd of more than 750 and still others clamoring for tickets on Monday.

Curry also praised the unique draw of the event’s keynote speaker and honoree. “Tom Petway is a legend both for his generosity to the GOP and his unwavering support of Jacksonville. Governor Mitt Romney has a unifying message of a strong economy and military coupled with a patriotic view of America. Joined by Republican leaders and elected officials from all over Florida, we celebrated our collective goal of an overwhelming victory for fiscally conservative Republican candidates throughout our state and our nation in 2010,” Curry said.


John posted this article earlier, with these comments:

While some in the second and third tier of possible Presidential candidates are engaged in ad hominem attacks on fellow Republicans, Gov. Romney is moving the ball down the field and quietly rebuilding the Party from the ground up.

Kudos to the the Duval County Republican Party for organizing a very successful fundraiser for Tom Petway.

~~John Cronin~~

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