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Sunday, November 22, 2009

SNL Shreds Obama

Must see SNL Video


Anonymous said...

John, Paulee here...Man oh man...quite the visual and FUNNY! Bet Obama isn't too pleased...I see he is losing weight, hear he is not sleeping well.. Much bigger undertaking than he realized..Bet Michelle is facing some realities..
Anyhow, busy week, We hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving..Got to get cookin'..Thx for the laugh...Willette family..

Anonymous said...

and for Obama being cool, calm and collected....No way, He is COLD!!!!!Just me sounding off again, John....Paulee Here

John Cronin said...

Paulee....I have played this vid at least six times since I first came across it.

I said on Solid Principles that I think the line "Doing Sex to Me" will enter the American lexicon.

On a more serious note: When a politician becomes a laughing stock, it is almost impossible to govern. The next time we see Obama at a lecturn, it will be hard not to think of this SNL skit.