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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Mitt-y Good Deed

Happiness push seems to be just what the doctor ordered
by Diane Bell
via Sign On San Diego

After emceeing a recent Meg Whitman fundraiser that featured former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is a part-time San Diego resident, KCBQ’s Mark Larson found himself walking down a long road after dark to retrieve his car. Suddenly a vehicle pulled alongside, and Larson was offered a lift. He remarked that the driver was the most overqualified taxi operator he had ever met. It was Romney. “It’s always refreshing to see political stars as real people between races when there’s no entourage,” said Larson …


Crystalf said...

I bet this doesn't surprise any of us here ... but how about if we hold this story up beside the one that also was reported today of a notable Democrat, Chuck Schumer, who held up a airline flight because he didn't want to turn off his cell phone -- after arguing with the flight attendant, he called her a B**** -- Nice --

Jenn said...

Or how about Palin not paying the hairdresser in Utah?

Hairdresser Rhonda Halliday doesn’t think Sarah Palin was out to screw her, but screw her she did. Halliday was asked to do Palin's hair at the ex-governor's hotel just before her book signing at a Utah Costco.

Palin’s flak told her to rush over, and use the valet parking, which Halliday dutifully did. But once she’d finished the job, Palin and her entourage ran out without saying a word—and without paying, she tells Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake City Tribune.

The disgruntled Halliday collected her car, only to find that Palin’s people hadn’t paid for the valet either.

A friend later contacted Palin’s assistant, and was told to send an invoice.

There’s no word yet, but hey, maybe the check is in the mail?