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Friday, January 29, 2010

Krauthammer: Romney 2012

*Thanks, Crystal! ;) - J

(Charles names Mitt approx 2:22 min mark)

Charles Krauthammer and *Kirsten Powers both say
Romney strongest candidate vs Obama 2012

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Krauthammer: “By cutting off funding for the KSM trial,
Congress can send Obama a clear message.”


Crystalf said...

Thanks for the great video .. I liked (as always) Charles assessment. I feel the same way that if Obama is going to lose, he's going to have to be considered a failure to a widespread majority. If he's a failure, then the people will be looking for an opposite: a govenor (not a senator or congressman), someone with business / private experience, someone NOT charismatic - rather "wonkish," particularly with the economy ... and someone has a record / we know them nationally that's been around at least one election cycle, so that we feel confident that we won't be "surprised." So that rules out Palin (charismatic), TPaw (unknown nationally) ...

By the way .. it is Kirsten Powers, Kristen .. if you'd like to correct the typo

Anonymous said...

Analysts say Mitt is the "Big Gun" for 2012 -

Jeff said...

This made my night! I usually have to watch this taped delayed, Jenn you are always on the ball!

Paul Ryan could be an interesting VP choice, but Steve Hayes is absolutely nuts to think the country would pick him for President in 2012. Not after seeing all the problems the nation has suffered with as a result of "on the job" training this past year.

We need someone with serious executive experience. That's Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Can't Obama be primaried? Then my dream of seeing Romney debate Hillary Clinton might finally come true.