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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's next? Let's bring the same victory to New York!

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This is an email to supporters from Rick Lazio:
Tonight, we saw yet another sign that the Republican Party and our values our back in America with the election in Massachusetts.

We are back because the people fundamentally agree with us about lower taxes and less spending, because they want smaller and less intrusive government, and because we represent the future. We represent the best in America.

Tonight, we should all take great pride, congratulate Scott Brown on his victory, and reaffirm our commitment to go ahead as a unified party to bring the same victory to New York that Scott Brown brought to Massachusetts. And, I am proud to let you know that the same campaign team that handled Scott Brown's race in Massachusetts is intimately involved with our campaign here in New York.

We are approaching this campaign in the same manner he did: with honesty, openness, and new ideas. It's a formula for success. Thank you for your continued support as we continue making great strides towards victory.

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Jenn said...

From Scott Brown's Twelve Keys to Victory:

The Brown Team

There was an amazing combination of political expertise brought together for this abbreviated race. For a state so bereft of GOP officeholders, it’s a gold mine of political talent. It was a seamless and self-less effort made possible by the NRSC and Mitt Romney’s on-the-ground team that made the difference here.

As Rick noted in his email, the same team that won in Massachusetts is working on his campaign in New York. So you know you can trust Team Lazio to run just as an effective, disciplined, organized campaign. Time to rally for Rick!! Help Rick fight the New York machine - volunteer, contribute and let's win in New York!

Jenn said...

via Politico:


Romney Inc.

While the former governor and presidential candidate himself was mostly absent from the campaign trail, Romney's advisers were responsible for the strategic vision and execution that helped propel a little-known state senator to a historic upset victory.

The Romney loyalists, now part of the Boston-based consulting shop The Shawmut Group, crafted a series of memorable ads that underscored Brown's everyday image, including a spot of him driving an old beat-up pickup that's already an instant political classic. Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, a former reporter, deserves special kudos for his ad imagery and media management, as do aides Beth Myers, Peter Flaherty and Rob Gray.


StevenInBrooklynNY said...

Could anyone who has met Mr. Lazio, or spoken with his campaign staff please contact me by e-mail, thanks!

StevenInBrooklynNY said...

I would be interested in views on how Senator Brown's election affects the political landscape vis a vis a Romney run in 2012.

It might only be temporary, or in my imagination, but I seem to detect a change; a rehabilitation of the "terrain" that I would term "moderate conservative," or non-right-right conservative; the kind of conservative that could win in the Northeast, but not lose Texas.