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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mitt Romney ranked as most influentiol voice in the GOP

Chris Cillizza from the “The Fix“, ranked Mitt Romney as the the most influential voice within the Republican party.

"Mitt Romney gave a command performance at CPAC — delivering a solid speech aimed at establishing himself as the de facto leader of the party and offering a detailed critique of the Obama Administration and its policies. And, his decision to put Matt Rhoades, communications director of his 2008 presidential bid, in charge of his Free and Strong America PAC was a savvy move that won him kudos among party insiders. Romney appears far more at ease in this race than he did in 2008; he knows who he is and what he can (and can’t) do — a very important quality in politics".


Anonymous said...

If he is the most influential in the GOP then the GOP is in worse shape than I thought. He isn't even conservative enough to call himself a moderate.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for his event at the Book Revue next week.