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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mitt Romney gets Results for Rubio

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney endorsed Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate primary.

Today, Rubio's opponent has taken the campaign ads off the air, a prelude to quitting the race.

Mitt Romney gets results.

By the way, Governor Romney was campaigning with Rubio in Florida earlier today.

I've been excited about Rubio's campaign for a long time, and glad that we'll now have our GOP candidate Marco Rubio 100% focused on defeating the Democrat in November and getting more common sense conservatism in the US Senate!


Anonymous said...

Crist will run either as an indie or a NPA candidate. See Robert Costa's article on NRO

Anonymous said...

This is great - a conservative such as Rubio defending Mitt and Masscare -

Anonymous said...