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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Mitt Romney is the most capable person I've ever known"

Jeff Renner worked closely with Mitt at Bain Capital for 15 years

Transcript excerpts via CNBC:

Mitt is the most capable person I've ever known. He is incredibly energetic. The guy does not slow down. He's brilliant. He's brilliant at both the big picture level and incredibly capable in the detail level. This is a guy who got into a very competitive business that the private equity and venture capital business, not having had any background in it, taught himself the business and then left the business that had probably the best tracker over a 15-year period. So in terms of capability, I think it's hard to find another person... 

Mitt was a guy who was at all his kids' sporting events. He has the best marriage I've probably ever seen. He and Ann have a remarkable relationship and that came first. He was family first. He built Bain Capital. He also spent an enormous amount of time working with people in his community. This is a guy who spent, you know, all day Sunday working with people in his church. And not just going to church but this is a guy who went around and helped people who had their houses burned down or had an illness in the family.

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