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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ryan: On Day One, Romney Will Reverse Obama's Job-Killing Policies

REP. RYAN: “Look, President Obama is promising one of the largest tax increases in American history starting in January and we wonder why small businesses aren't creating jobs? On day one, because we need a new president, Mitt Romney will fix this. He will start repealing the red tape that's choking off jobs and hindering our recovery. He will start repealing Obamacare, which is putting so much uncertainty in businesses. He’ll begin the process of lowering tax rates by closing special interest loopholes, which help small businesses with certainty so they can create jobs. He'll announce a 5% spending cut on government agency budgets to begin the process of deficit reduction, and he will approve the Keystone pipeline which we know will create lots of jobs and help make us a whole lot less dependent on foreign oil.”

Paul Ryan's full interview on FOX here
'President Obama Is Bringing Us Closer to a Debt Crisis 
Like the One in Europe'

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