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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paul Ryan: The Increasing Debt Is A Serious Threat To Our Economy

“We just heard about an hour ago that our government eclipsed the 16 trillion dollar mark in our national debt. This is a serious threat to our economy. Of all the broken promises from President Obama, this is probably the worst one because this debt is threatening jobs today, its threatening prosperity today and it is guaranteeing that our children and grandchildren get a diminished future. We had a debt clock at the convention last week. I don’t see the debt clock at the convention this week. The problem is the President keeps kicking the can down the road. No leadership on this issue. The Senate hasn’t even passed a budget in three years. We have a very clear choice ahead of us. Are we going to stick with the same path – a nation in debt, a nation in doubt, a nation in decline, or are we going to elect Mitt Romney president and get this thing turned around, cut spending, balance the budget, and create jobs?”

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