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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mitt Romney: Our Country Needs Real Change

“This is critical time for the country. We face enormous challenges, massive debt. We face an economy that is not putting our people to work in the jobs that they need. Young people coming out of college can’t find work -- half of them can’t find work. Around the world we face a China which is going to be a major economic power – already is and will be an even stronger power down the road, has been taking a lot of jobs from people here in Ohio. We also face radical violent jihadists who are resurgent. So, we face enormous challenges and as a result this is a big election about big things. And I am very proud of the fact that our team has worked very hard to focus on what we will do to bring real change, big change to a country that badly needs it. We have a president today who has a different view about where America is. His view is that we are on the right track, that there is no need for major change. My view is that this track is the wrong course for America, that this is a turning point for America, and as a result those people in this country who want real change from day one are going to vote for Paul Ryan and myself.

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