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Monday, October 1, 2012

Video: Mitt Romney at the Valley Forge Military Academy, PA

Wow -- check out the enthusiastic crowds (inside and the over-flow) listening to Gov Romney!! Fantastic!!

Mitt, introduced by Sen Pat Toomey, enters around 1:10 min mark

Romney supporters feel confident after speech
at Valley Forge Military Academy:
At least a thousand Mitt Romney supporters flooded out of Melon Hall at the Valley Forge Military Academy feeling a sense of inspiration after hearing the Republican presidential nominee speak.

“I think he squared away that he is going to be a good president,” Valley Forge Military Academy Cadet Robert Abrams said. “I enjoyed his speech a lot.”

As the masses dispersed, people were overheard talking about Romney's energy and the consensus that he would really make a push in Pennsylvania.

“It was totally worth it,” one female supporter said of the event. “It makes you feel like you know him a little better now.”

There were no noticeable signs of people let down by the Massachusetts governor’s speech. Many in the audience commented that they were most pleased with his final words of, “We are going to win Pennsylvania and we are going to win the White House.

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