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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Romney and Ryan Reunite

From The Daily Caller:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan met for breakfast at a Washington hotel on Thursday, reuniting for the first time since the presidential election.

A Ryan aide said the 2012 Republican ticket shared updates from their families, reflected on the campaign and had a “forward-looking conversation” about the economic issues facing the country.

“I remain grateful to Governor Romney for the honor of joining his ticket this fall, and I cherish our friendship,” Ryan said after the meeting. “I’m proud of the principles and ideas we advanced during the campaign and the commitment we share to expanding opportunity and promoting economic security for American families.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perfect photo - Romney saying to Ryan, "We were this close" (less than 400,000 votes the other way in the 4 battleground states, Romney would be president) - and love the "Obama isn't working" photo in the background. I hope Mitt and Paul join up again in a future endeavor.