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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Women in upscale suburban areas are the offset to the working-class white males who are streaming into the Trump camp elsewhere. In the August Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 42% of white men with less than a college education had a positive view of Mr. Trump. Just 28% of suburban women had a positive view.
Suburban women “have in the past voted consistently Republican, and this year they are leaning heavily toward Hillary Clinton” says GOP pollster Whit Ayres, who works with Sen. Marco Rubio. Says one Trump adviser flatly: “Suburban women will decide this election.”
Four years ago, the formula wasn’t as simple, when Mitt Romney held his own among suburban women. At this time in 2012, just 42% of them had negative views of Mr. Romney. That’s well below the 60% who have negative feelings about Mr. Trump today—a number that has ranged as high as 74% during the course of the year.

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