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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ann Romney: America Got To See The Side Of Mitt That I Cherish

Charlie Rose: 
“What did you want America to know about your husband... ”

“I was very, very touched last night, as were my children because I think for the first time, if you watch the whole evening and I know the -- all the American audience maybe didn't see all of that, where there are people in our lives, in our past earlier life, that spoke up and talked about the guy that I know, that I love and the side of him that I cherish. And that was how Mitt was there for people in time of need. We had Ted Oparowski and his beautiful wife Pat talking about how when their 14-year-old son David dying of cancer, how Mitt was there visiting them in the hospital frequently and helping this boy. And that was before there were any cameras or any lights. There was another story by Pam Finlayson and how Mitt was there again for her when her little baby girl was born three months premature and how Mitt was such a rock in their life and their difficult hours. There’s story after story after story of those circumstances and events that happened in our life that people do not know about, and I think that's when I talked in my speech about how Mitt does not do these things for a political talking point. And he doesn't talk about them. But I was so glad that other people spoke up and talked about those things that Mitt has done in his life. And that’s what I wanted people to see is that other side of him.”

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