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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mitt Romney: President Obama Failed To Measure Up To His Own Standards

Paul Ryan and I both spoke to the American people about what we will do if we become President and Vice President. And I contrast that with what the President said four years ago when he was candidate Barack Obama. He got up and made a number of promises in Denver with the Greek columns behind him. He doesn’t remind us of the Greek columns because he had said that he would cut the deficit in half. Measure him on that. How did that work out? He doubled the deficit. He said that he would be measured in a different way than other people are typically measured. He would be measured by whether he created jobs or not. He hasn’t. He said he would be measure by whether people have rising incomes or not. They don't. Incomes are down in this country. He said he would be measured by whether people would take the risk to go out and start a business. We’re at a 30 year low in new business start-ups. Almost every measure he described, he has failed to perform upon. And the reason for that is not that he was not trying, in my view, it was he was pulling in the wrong direction. He did not know what it takes to actually make the economy work. Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works.”

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