Friday, December 7, 2007

Huckabee's Very, Very Poor Judgment: Released One Felon Every Five Days

Earlier this week I posted a story about Gov. Huckabee influencing the parole board to release convicted rapist Wayne DuMond from prison and DuMond's subsequent two rapes/murders. In addition to making me sad, the story convinced me that Huckabee's judgment is a big problem.

When one looks further into Huckabee's record on peripheral issues, the findings are staggering. During Huckabee's 10 years as governor he granted more clemencies than the six states bordering Arkansas put together. Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas combined granted 624 clemencies. Huckabee granted 703.

A few of these clemencies were fought by prosecutors who were adamant that the criminals should stay in prison, so the number released by his clemencies was in the 690s. Add to that number those released by his influence on the parole board and you're probably back in the 700s.

These numbers are staggering. To put them into context, on average, Huckabee was prematurely releasing 70 felons a year. Or, one felon every five days.

Do you really believe he knew their cases and history as well as the jury that put them behind bars? Do you really believe he studied the data well enough to truly be informed about each of these decisions? Impossible. Where was his respect for the legal/criminal process the founders created?

Many of those granted clemency were serial violent offenders. Some were rapists, some were murderers. Having this new data makes it easier to understand why Huckabee was in favor of releasing DuMond.

(Wayne DuMond is the sick man on the left.)

Huckabee probably never read the letters sent to his office from the many rape victims. He probably was unaware DuMond had helped beat a man to death with a claw hammer a decade before he raped the high school cheerleader.

But then again, how could he be expected to do all that homework? Between fighting for the rights of illegal aliens, raising the taxes and out-spending the liberals where would he find time to read tedious pleas from victims of the felons he was forgiving?

As Pope said, "To err is human, to forgive divine."

Update: click here to view YouTube "ABC News On Huckabee Paroling Rapist DuMond"


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the MSM report on this and how about an anti-Huckabee group? The Club for Growth could praise Huckabee for reducing the prison population and thereby reining in spending - a novel approach to fiscal responsibility.

Ashley Jones said...

Great question. I think part of it is because the MSM is generally partisan (liberal) and they would LOVE for Huck to win the nomination. They know Mitt would be their downfall. Maybe that's why?